About the Author

Carynn Bohley (pronounced Ker-in Bo-lee) is a 17-year-old author and college student. She started writing when she was very young, and has since accumulated a pile of about a thousand projects that lay unfinished in a cobwebbed corner.

Her published works include Amazon short reads Bailey (a horror), Precipice and Bring Me Back (both psychological thrillers), YA drama/romance novella Dear Jackson, and recently-released YA fantasy novel Darkness Rise. The sequel, Castle of Glass, is currently in the writing stages.

Carynn hopes to transfer to a four-year school in the fall of 2021 to pursue a degree in Wildlife Biology. Her dream job is to study animals in their natural habitats, particularly wolves or bears. Lions are among her favorite animals, too… but she’s decided that she’s more of a house cat person!

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