Meet Kydessia

“I don’t typically use magic. Not just because it’s illegal, and every time I use it there’s the risk that my secret could be discovered. It’s mostly because I’m afraid that once I start, I won’t be able to stop.”

– Kydessia Swift, Darkness Rise

Kydessia is a 17-year-old girl with flaming red hair and an equally fiery personality. She’s grown up in Sospes, born to the strict, law-abiding mayor. When she was young, she discovered that she had the ability to control the forces of nature. Water, fire, and wind bend beneath her will. With the harsh laws against wielders, she’s forced to hide who she is.

“Oh, lighten up Dessie. You could afford to have some fun every once in a while.”

– Jett Hawkes, Darkness Rise

Jett Hawkes is Kydessia’s best friend. Though he has his quirks (being a bottomless pit is one of them), he is unconditionally loyal- not to mention hilarious!

“Did I mention that you’re the coolest little sister in the world?”

– Draven Swift, Darkness Rise

Draven is Kydessia’s academically inclined older brother. He’s kind, sacrificing, and has wisdom far beyond his years. He’s currently attending Sospes University, where he’s studying political science. Once his father retires, he’s expected to take on the role of Sospes’ mayor!

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